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The connection that each person shares with God is very personal in nature. Some people pray at home and seldom go to church, while others make sure they visit their local church for worship services. It’s actually a matter of personal choice.

It is believed that God is omnipresent and His presence can be felt within and in everything around you. But nothing can replace the practice of standing under the pious shrine and extending prayers to the Almighty. It fills one with inspiration, joy, and peace—the feeling of being one with the cosmic superpower.

If you are amongst the many folks who ritually go to church for worship services, then you might be interested in knowing where to obtain an list of other churches in the US.


The Exclusive Brethren

A Christian Fellowship that was known as the Exclusive Brethren but is now known as the Plymouth Brethren . They do not take a name, but are called Exclusive Brethren by many. The Lord said to His disciples “all ye are brethren” Matthew 23:8 Exclusive Brethren are believers on the Lord Jesus Christ, who hold the truth of His deity and accept the authority of Scripture as the inspired word of God. There are over 40,000 Exclusive Brethren worldwide subscribing to one universal moral .

They congregate on Sunday for the Lord’s Supper (Holy Communion) and the preaching of the Gospel. They also gather daily for reading of the scriptures and prayer for government and all humanity.

They believe strongly in the traditional family unit. Marriage is held in the greatest honor, as one of God’s original thoughts of blessing for the human race.

Generally they operate family businesses, recognizing the responsibility to support their families financially by earning an honest living so as to do good and to be able to communicate or distribute to those in need. 

There are many other Churches in the USA with Church Email Addresses including;

Crossroads Community Church, Cincinnati, Ohio

In 1995, Brian Tome and a few other people gathered in Cincinnati to form this church for their friends who refrained from going to church. Crossroads Community Church was a humble beginning, with Tome as the founding pastor of the church. But soon it became a community of people who met in person and digitally to talk about biblical truths. Holding soul-lifting and highly inspirational talks, the church caters to the spiritual needs of people across the country. The church is in included in U Church Email List and does not require memberships and welcomes anyone who believes in God and wishes to be close to Him.


Phone: 513.731.7400

Elevation Church, Charlotte, North Carolina

Elevation Church was founded in Charlotte, North Carolina, by Steven Furtick and his wife Holly Furtick. Besides being a pastor, Steven is also a songwriter and a New York Times best-selling author. He has played a huge role in growing the multi-site church into a known global ministry by means of television, online streaming, and most importantly, through music and songs of Elevation Worship. Thi church is part of our Church Email Directory and is unwaveringly committed to spreading the teachings of Christ and following all of His commands. It works in unity and love, intending to bring the Gospel to the world.


Phone: (704) 246-0800

Woodlands Church, Woodlands, Texas

It was in 1993 when Chris and Kerry Shook founded the Woodlands Church, which was originally known as Fellowship of the Woodlands. Both of them started the church with a mission to reach out to families by means of an amicable atmosphere, soul-lifting music, and inspiring life lessons. This organizationenjoys a weekly attendance of 18,000 and has spread its wings to three locations. The church is a true manifestation of a vision that the Shooks had for the community, which needed a safe and welcoming environment to feel one with God and fellow attendees.


Christ’s Church of the Valley, Peoria, Arizona

The foundation of Christ’s Church of the Valley (CCV) was laid in 1982 in the living room of the founding pastor, Ashley Wooldridge. Another of those included in the List of Churches and after almost 40 years, the non-denominational church is counted among the largest and the best churches in the US. CCV has fourteen campuses across the country and enjoys a weekly attendance of more than 35,000 people across all locations. This is the place where the faith of God intersects with people’s real life, a place where the soul gets empowered by the Almighty’s love. With a leadership team par excellence, CCV seeks to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Central Christian Church, Las Vegas, Nevada

Jud Wilhite, the senior pastor at Central Christian Church, says that the church was founded to introduce people to Christ and turn them into ardent followers of Him. The young pastor has taken the church to the list of best churches in the US with his conversational approach to bringing the teachings of the Bible to people. His sheer passion to make people feel closer to God is reflected in the books he has authored. His teachings can be heard across the country on KLOVE radio. 


NewSpring Church, Anderson, South Carolina

NewSpring Church is spread across fourteen cities across South Carolina with Perry Noble as the lead pastor helping communities foster a relationship with Christ. The first service of the church took place in the Sullivan Building of Anderson University on January 16, 2000. The church grew over time and it became the go-to place for people who were interested in Biblical study. It strongly believes in the timeless existence of God and seeks to bring the infallible truth of the Old and New Testaments to people. All gatherings in the church are intended to fulfill three functions, which are worship, evangelism, and discipleship.


Seacoast Church, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Sixty-five people got together in a clubhouse in February 1988 to start Seacoast Church. Since then, there was no looking back for the congregation. With Greg Surratt as the lead pastor, it has now 13 campuses spread across different cities of South Carolina and enjoys a weekly attendance of more than 14,000. This church began with a humble objective to reach out to people who don’t go to church. It is established as a place where people can explore Christianity and realize the power of Christ. It presents a historical faith in a contemporary way, making the environment welcoming to all.


Phone: (843) 881-2100

Eagle Brook Church, White Bear Lake, Minnesota

Last but not the least, Eagle Brook Church makes the list of best churches in the US owing to the way it brings people together before Christ. Since its inception, the church has focused solely on changing lives, transforming families, and creating thriving communities. It values the story of each attendee that comes here, providing them a safe space to forge a relationship with God. From inspiring worship services to soul-lifting music sessions to group discussions, everything that the church holds is intended to grow people’s faith in God and make a positive difference in their lives.

Phone: 651.429.9227

These are some of the many best churches in the USA  that you can choose to visit to expand your faith in the Lord and here you can find a large Email List of Churches. Ultimately, you will have to choose the place where you feel most welcome and peaceful.


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