Exclusive Brethren FAQ

*What is the “Recovery of the Truth”?
*What does the term “Minister Of The Lord in The Recovery” mean?
*Does this mean effectively that the Minister of the Lord in the Recovery is the only person who
can say who is in the church and who is not?
*Doesn’t this mean legally or practically that the Minister of the Lord in the Recovery runs all the
property trusts and funds?
*What do the terms “elect vessel” and “man of God” mean?
*Has the Brethren approach to technology changed in recent years, and why?
*What was the purpose of the “relocation for the testimony”?
*Are government funds provided to Brethren schools used properly?
*Brethren schools are not for profit entities, there have been reports they operate companies,
is this true?
*How are the Brethren schools funded?
*Are schools funds diverted to other entities as suggested by some?
*People have suggested that government funds granted to Australian schools have
been sent to countries overseas to prop up the Brethren schools in those countries?
Is this a breach of the funding guidelines?
*Do you keep adequate financial records to demonstrate the schools are operating within the
parameters of the legislation?
*What is the Brethren Church’s position on sexual abuse?
*Does the Church or its leaders cover up sex abuse and other illegal activities?
*Are the Brethren a Cult?
*Why aren’t students allowed to go to University, yet you are free to use university trained people?
*Are Brethren disciplined for going to University?
*Are the Police investigating the Church for election activity?
*How could computers and cell phones have been evil when you now use them?
*How do you explain all the Ministry that was against technology?
*People lost jobs and were withdrawn from because of technology, how can something that was
evil then not be now?
*How will the Man of Sin utilize IT?
*Why did the Brethren change their minds on fax machines?
*What do you say to allegations made by several former members that they were asked by the
church to carry cash gifts into foreign countries, gifts that exceeded the legal limits imposed in
the countries concerned?
*Do the leaders of the Brethren get given large amounts of tax free money and tithes each month?
*Is the ministry of any of the churches leaders equal to scripture?
*Do you believe that the Lord has chosen Mr Bruce Hales as his sole representative on earth to
lead the church on earth until the rapture?
*How much of the brethren’s belief, is based on the idea that their leader is God’s only
representative on earth in the current day.
*Is the leader the only person capable of interpreting scripture and past ministry to suit the present?
*Is Mr Hales infallible, are his words law to the Brethren?
*How is the leader appointed?
*You say there is no overall corporate controlling entity, however how do you explain that the
Minister of the Lord in the Recovery is used as a legal term to decide who is in the church
or out and what happens to things if there is a rift within the group.
*Is there an overall leadership structure, spoken or not?
*How are funds properly controlled?
*Are all Brethren businesses controlled by National Office Assist or Brethren leaders?
*Are Brethren the only ones who will be saved?
*If others are to be saved why do you have to live such strict lives?
*Do you believe that the rapture is going to happen when all governments are conservative ones?
*What do you say to people who claim Bruce Hales wants to see John Howard elected
and other conservative governments so the second coming of Jesus Christ is hastened?
*Do the Brethren consider themselves Philadelphia and the rest of the churches those
mentioned in the book of Revelation?
*Are all outsiders considered evil?
*There are some who would say that the Brethren businesses may not use tax havens but they
structure their businesses in many cases as charities or provide significant funds to the church
through their own charitable trust.
What do you say to those who say this is just another way of tax avoidance?
*If someone is gifted funds regularly and it becomes their main income, isn’t this taxable income?
*It is reported that Brethren charities manipulate the taxation laws, what do you say to that?
*What involvement will the members of the church have in the upcoming 2007 Australian election?
*Why do you like conservative governments?
*Has Mr Hales given direction to the flock to be involved in politics?
*Are the Brethren supporting the Liberal Coalition in this 2007 election?
*Do you believe that church has a role in government and the shaping of both international
and domestic politics?
*What would be the Brethren’s feeling towards a female President or Prime Minister?
*Why did Mr Bruce Hales meet with Prime Minister Howard and what was discussed?
*Why did these other people go to this meeting?
*Is it not a contradiction to not vote and yet to spend hundreds of thousands on election ads,
and if some do vote, are they disciplined?
Is the position allowing for campaigning but not voting, hypocritical?
*Do the Brethren break up families?
*The Brethren have never said publicly that they may have got it wrong from time to time,
and some former members want a public apology. What does the church say to this?
*When will the church make a public apology to the people it has hurt?
*What about payment for people who have lost families, inheritances, business etc?
*What would you say to a class action against the brethren?
*Are former members stories true that some people have committed suicide because of pressure
from the Church?
*What do you do as a church to identify and help those who may be at risk?
*What has caused these deaths?
*Mr Hales in an open letter in 2003, wrote about mobile phones as worldly, how do you explain how
the brethren are now able to have mobile phones?
*Is it that there is one rule for those that are more senior and another for the rank and file?
*When was it ok for someone to have a mobile phone and internet access given the 2003 letter?
*Do brethren hate gays?
*Do brethren hate the Greens?
*Why can’t gay people be left to live their lives?
*How do you treat gays in the church? Can they participate like others?
*You don’t support gay marriage and you try and help homosexuals, isn’t that another way of saying
they are wrong and you are right and you dislike their lifestyle?
*Do Brethren think they are the highest court in the land and therefore can disregard laws
which don’t suit them including family court law?
*Do the Brethren recognize the Courts of the Land?
*Do the Brethren see themselves as above the law?
*Is anyone welcome at your services and if so why are the doors closed?
*Why are there no windows?
*Why are there locked gates and fences?
*Didn’t Jesus direct the gospel was to be spread to the entire world freely, what are you afraid of?
*Why do you not recruit?
*Do the Brethren adhere to family court rulings?
*Do the Brethren bank roll court action for members?
*Some say the Brethren continually obstruct and break court rulings?
*Brethren children go to your schools, socialize with you, and are taught to shun the world outside;
does this produce socially deformed people?
*What is involved in the doctrine of separation?